About us

YoGlasgow! promotes and delivers yoga programmes to people who live in areas of Glasgow with little access to yoga. We want to share the benefits that yoga has on physical, mental and social wellbeing. We are based in The Phoenix Community Centre in Easterhouse, Glasgow.

The aim of YoGlasgow! is to restore health to individuals so that they can manage their own wellbeing and reduce their reliance on medication and visits to the doctor.

Covid-19 has impacted the physical and mental health of many people. Yoga provides a practical way to restore and maintain wellbeing. You don’t need any special equipment, clothing or particular gym or studio – just a friendly, welcoming space with a teacher to guide you.

Health centres

We work with health practitioners to provide therapeutic yoga programmes for groups of clients. This can be mat-based or chair-based. Or a mixture of both.


We teach friendly community classes. Our yoga is yoga that everyone can do.

We also teach Chair Yoga which makes yoga accessible to everyone who finds getting down onto a mat difficult. Get in touch using our contact form to find out more or call/text Caroline on 07946294658.

Workplace, schools, colleges and universities

We offer yoga programmes that provide a yoga toolbox for a range of stuff such as stress, bad backs, anxiety and insomnia.

What we do

We teach yoga to improve physical and mental health and bring people together.

Classes and Online Classes

Tuesday 1.30 to 2.30 – Brighter Baillieston – Caroline’s Chair Yoga. Please contact Brighter Baillieston to see if spaces available (07759 284814), 6 Buchanan St, Baillieston, Glasgow G69 6DY (entrance is at side of Police Station).

Tuesday 6 to 7 pm – Easterhouse Phoenix Centre, 5 Shandwick St, G34 9DP – Caroline’s YoGlasgow! drop-in class 6 to 7 pm (currently being taught by Jillian until end August). All welcome – especially if you’ve never tried yoga before. Call/Text Caroline: 07946294658. Mats and blankets provided. Cost £5. First class is free.

Thursday 11 to 12 noon – BCDC – Barmulloch Residents Centre, 54 Quarrywood Road, Glasgow, G21 3ET. Free mat-based class suitable for all levels.

Friday 6 to 7 pm – Easterhouse Phoenix Centre, 5 Shandwick St, G34 9DP – Mick’s YoGlasgow! drop-in class. All welcome – especially if you’ve never tried yoga before. Call/Text Mick for more info: 07905581309. Mats and blankets provided. Cost £5. First class free.

Online Chair Classes can be accessed on our You Tube channel

Online Classes

So that you can keep up with your yoga at home, we are making videos. The key to yoga is regular practice. Thank you for welcoming us into your homes.

If you would like to support our work, we are grateful for donations through our paypal account.

What people say!


Personally, I didn’t have a lot of confidence. I have depression and suffer with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and arthritis. I thought how can one thing help with all that... but it’s amazing that it has. It’s made a big influence on my life, helping me to sleep better and feel more relaxed within myself.Anne


I’ve had spinal ops and since I came here I’ve been able to do something rather than doing nothing. Before, I’d been really bad with my back, but this has really helped it. Any other people who’ve went through what I’ve went through have given up.Christina


It has been greatly beneficial to me. I struggle with day to day tasks and socialising. Yoga has helped me with this. I now look forward to going to class and have made friends too. It has also helped me with anxiety attack as I can have them every day, the breathing exercises help control this. After my last session I had lots more energy and it lasted for a few days, my mindset was different also.Julie


My joints have been stretched. Meeting new people is beneficial. Met someone I knew years ago. Nice to catch up.Ann


I am much more relaxed after the yoga. Family, especially grandchildren, say I am not so stressful or excited.Stephen


Felt these sessions very beneficial and has really helped me de-stress. As I have been trying to do these breathing exercises at home. And enjoyed feeling relaxed.Frances

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To find out more about YoGlasgow!, you can complete the enquiry form below, call us on 07905 581309 or email info@yoglasgow.org.uk

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