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Free Chair Yoga Zoom Classes on Tuesdays at 11.15 am

Posted by Caroline Smart on 9th May 2021 in: General, Uncategorised

We are very lucky to have received Lululemon’s Here to Be award. During the pandemic this has enabled YoGlasgow! to...

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Emerging from Lockdown

Posted by Caroline Smart on 24th August 2020 in: General, Uncategorised

The past six months have been a long haul. Hopefully, we will be emerging soon with the reopening of gyms,...

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Keeping mobile when you are in lockdown

Posted by Caroline Smart on 7th April 2020 in: General, Uncategorised

If you are anything like me, the most exercise you get is foraging in the kitchen cupboards for snacks. It...

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It’s all about letting the energy flow

Posted by Caroline Smart on 5th March 2020 in: General, Uncategorised

You might call it prana, I might call it chi, some might talk about life force. Whatever it is, it’s...

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