Exercise for Osteoporosis is recommended

Posted by Caroline Smart on 17th May 2022 in: Communities, Easterhouse YogaFest, General, Health Centres, Scottish Parliament visit, Uncategorised

UK’s first exercise guidance on osteoporosis affecting 3m people in Britain encourages people to move more. You can read the article here.

Walking is a perfect exercise. If you are worried about being unsteady, why not use walking poles? These are ideal for all types of walking and don’t have to be expensive. Although everybody talks about how good walking is for you, the benefits tend to focus on the cardiovascular aspect, not on how good walking is for the bones.

Did you know that it is the impact of your foot (and heel) on the ground that is so essential to bone density? That’s why if you compare the bone density of a swimmer to a gymnast, the gymnast tends to have stronger bones. Just think about how many times the gymnast lands quite forcefully on their feet. That’s why (if you’re up to it), a few sneaky star jumps in the park can do wonders. If you don’t know where to walk, the Community Links Practitioner in local health centres often run walking groups (as does Council-run gyms).

Chair Yoga at EasterhouseAnd if you want to begin exercising in a safe environment, then chair yoga is a great starting point to build strength and confidence – not forgetting friendships. YoGlasgow! runs free classes at the Phoenix Centre (old library) in Easterhouse on Mondays and Fridays from 12.30 to 1.30. And we also run classes in Baillieston, Coatbridge, Springburn and Possil. Just message us (or phone 07946294658 to speak to Caroline, or 07905581309 to speak to Mick).